Solution: Innovation management

Current situation in the industry

In order to successfully face the international competition in Central Europe, we must continually bring new and better products to the market. As a key success factor therefore the innovation ability is considered. I.e. the ability to find new products, to develop such products and to successfully introduce them into the market.
Because of the heavy workload from the daily business and scarce resources possible innovations are often not searched very thoroughly or implemented too slowly.
Here we can help.

Typical projects

  • Development of an innovative modular system for a supplier to the commercial vehicle industry: analysis of customer needs, collection and selection of product ideas, creating the capacity development and development of new solutions in coordination with a pilot customer
  • Introduction of a new product and the associated process at a vehicle manufacturer in the premium segment: analysis of requirements, participation in the creation of an international development and sales structure, in the development of this innovative product and in the design of a process chain distributed across multiple international locations

Our performance - your benefit

We help our clients to systematically exploit their innovative potential:

  • Analysis and if necessary in-depth elaboration of the vision, objectives and strategy
  • Optimization of the innovation strategy, -organization and -culture
  • Organization and implementation of a structured innovation management
  • Active support "implementation instead of talking"
  • Coaching, if necessary

We not only assist you in analyzing and optimizing your ability to innovate, but also help you when needed to develop your future products and related marketing. We disburden your departments.

Together we create innovative products with high customer value and thus gain a competitive advantage for your enterprise.


We provide your company a recognizable and lasting added value by taking care of all the relevant aspects of innovation management.

We are proven professionals who have achieved noticeable success in complex tasks in different corporate cultures and demonstrated leadership and social skills.

As an additional, temporary capacity, we relieve your key personnel in a productive and task-focused atmosphere - free from political career interests and personal dependencies. With the unbiased view of the (initially) outsiders we find potentials for improvement, not any more recognized by long-time employed personnel.

Through our implementation experience and passion we differ from classic consultants. With our technical and methodological knowledge, we work with you to efficient, effective and above all practical solutions that contribute to your long-term success. As a leading industry specialist, we focus on professional interim management in the automotive industry, in projects and in line. We bring business applications right from the start.

At the end of our assignment, you will have an efficient innovation management, tailored to the company needs. Because your employees have helped to shape it and relate to it, it is actively practiced, and a lasting contribution to your company's success.

"Turn dynamics to success" - success by innovation.