ABTF competence area: Supply Chain Management

Current situation in the industry

The consolidation process in the automotive industry continues unabated. Continued cost pressure on nearly all the main modules of a vehicle leads to increased pressure for innovation among suppliers and thereby increasing investment - and capital requirements for new ways of production. The suppliers have to play the role of partners to the OEM. Instead of supply chains networks develop. However, supplier networks are very complex structures. Contract Manufacturing and the running of complete logistic centers are just one example of such structures. Processes, resources and information must be closely coordinated.

Typical Projects

  • Optimization of all processes within the value chain by comprehensive reengineering
  • Continuous cost improvement within the SC-structures
  • As-Is-, Target- and Implementation-Concepts for the SCM organization from the OEM to tier 1-3  suppliers
  • Inventory reductions by reducing buffer warehouses with the highest deliverability
  • Optimization of production planning and control by SC principles
  • Optimization of logistics networks, such as for global OEM.

Our Performance - Your Benefit

  • Structured and practical approach
  • Performance monitoring of defined KPIs
  • Use of proven SCM Tools
  • Increasing profitability and competitiveness
  • Detection of potential cost savings, for example, in purchasing, logistics, production, sales b

"Turn dynamics to success" - in this case: to develop successfully within the international competition by a holistic supply chain management.