Christian Ritzer

Foto von Christian Ritzer

Background of experience

  • Diplom-Engineer (Master of Science)
  • Born in 1961, married, 2 children
  • Study of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Munich,
    Focused on the development and construction
  • Postgraduate studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA (USA):
    Management, Polymer Science, CAD / CAE
    (3D CAD system and CNC production)
  • Development engineer, team and project manager at an aircraft manufacturer:
    CAD / CAM, lightweight design, system development, international cooperation
  • Project Manager, Development Manager and Managing Director with various automotive suppliers:
    large-scale development projects, multi-project management, organizational development (from component to system manufacturers), realignment of a developing service creation and establishment of a branch of an internationally active supplier
  • Interim manager in the automotive industry:
    Launch Manager and Project Manager, relocation of production to Eastern Europe, organizational development with suppliers, technical market analysis

Core competencies

  • Development of new modules and systems in the aerospace and automotive industries
  • Lightweight: fiber composites, aluminum, titanium, etc.
  • Intercultural cooperation
  • Project management for complex development projects and innovations
  • Launch management for projects in the automotive industry
  • Innovation Management
  • Organizational development, especially in development, project and innovation management
  • Management